The MIC – Mediterranean International Cup is organized by AE MICFootball and will be governed by the rules of IFAB, FIFA, RFEF – Real Federación Española de Fútbol and FCF – Federación Catalana de Fútbol.

The present regulation describes the modifications of the norms and regulations previously detailed, adapting it to the MICFootball’20 competition.


A1 | Under 19 (F·11 – Male) Players born after  01.01.2001

A2 | Under 19 (F·11 – Male) Players born after  01.01.2002

B1 | Under 16 (F·11 – Male) Players born after  01.01.2004

B2 | Under 15 (F·11 – Male) Players born after  01.01.2005

C1 | Under 14 (F·11 – Male) Players born after  01.01.2006

C2 | Under 13 (F·11 – Male) Players born after  01.01.2007

D | Under 12 (F·11 – Male) Players born after  01.01.2008

E | Under 12 (F·7 – Male) Players born after  01.01.2008

F | Under 19 (F·11 – Female) Players born after  01.01.2001


Each of the categories B1, B2, C1, C2 and D allow enrolling up to a maximum of 2 players born after July 1st of the previous year.

Category E allows enrolling up to a maximum of 1 player born after July 1st of the previous year.

No exceptions are allowed in categories A1, A2 and F.


Before the start of the competition, all players and technical staff must be duly accredited and registered in the competition platform. During the competition only the members of the team that are duly accredited will be able to stay in ​​the assigned technical area.

The registration or modification of players and technical staff won’t be allowed once the competition has started

The responsible of each team will receive 8 copies of the team list from the organization. Thirty minutes (30 ‘) before each game, one of these lists must be delivered to the director or sub-director of the match indicating the correct t-shirt number that the players will wear during the match.

All players must identify themselves with the current federative license, DNI, passport or other official document accrediting the age with a current photograph.

All teams must bring with them in each match the documentation of all the members of the team that shows their identity (ID, passport, federative license …)

The documentation review will be done before the start of the competition, in the cases that the circumstances require it the organization may repeat it at any other time.


There is no maximum limitation on the number of players registered per game.

It is allowed to line up a player in different teams from the same club as long as they are of a different and inferior category. In no case can a player of a higher category be lined up.

In no case, a player can play the competition with two different clubs or two teams from the same club that are participating in the same category.

To be able to line up a player correctly must have passed 5 hours between the end of one game and the start of another.


The changes are free without having to stop the game, always with the prior authorization of the director, sub-director or referee.

The game will only stop if the substituted player is the goalkeeper, or if the referee or match director find it necessary.

Each substituted player may re-enter.

All substitutions must be done at the center of the field. The player who enters the field must do so once the director or sub-director has given him approval.


All fields are made of natural or artificial grass of the highest quality.

The use of footwear metal studs is strictly prohibited for matches played in an artificial grass surface.


All the matches will be played with balls of the NIKE brand (Categories Football-11, size 5 and Football-7, size 4).

The organization will not lend balloons for the warm up before the games. The organization recommends the teams to bring their own balls.


Each club is obliged to bring, at least, two numbered game kits or a kit and a set of numbered bibs. All shirts must be properly numbered, and the numbers must match with the team list. It is recommended that the player wear the same number throughout the competition.

Teams will wear the first official kit of the designated club before the start of the competition. If the kit of both teams match in color or the referee determines that could be confusion, the team that exercises the visitor status (mentioned second in the competition’s calendar) will change the kit.

All players who play the game are required to wear shin guards.

The players who are warming up during the match, must be placed in the area previously established by the Field Director using a bib/vest that does not match in color with any of the teams playing.


The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes in the game program, both in terms of schedules and fields. The information of the changes will be communicated to the team responsible.


All games will comprise two periods of 25 minutes each.

The tournament committee is authorized to alter the duration and schedule if circumstances require it. There will only be a change of sides at halftime, except in the final, in which there will be a break of 3 minutes.


Teams must appear in the field between 1 hour and 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the competition.

Thirty minutes (30 ‘) before the start of the game, the team must be ready on the field.


In the “Classification Round”, the teams play among themselves in a single-round league system. All groups will be formed by 4 teams.

They will pass to the “Final Round” those classified in 1st and 2nd position, the teams that finish in 3rd and 4th position will face each other in the “Consolation Round”.

The “Final Round” and “Consolation Round” matches will be played according to the cup system (direct elimination) and will be decided without extra-time, by penalties, according to the IFAB game rules and FIFA rules.

* The competition system may vary depending on the number of participating teams.


Won match: 3 points

Tied match: 1 point.

Lost match: 0 points.


In the case of a tie between two teams, it will be decided according to:

  1. Individual goal-average.
  2. Global goal-average.
  3. Number of goals scored.
  4. Which team is younger

In the case of a tie between more than two teams*, it will be decided according to:

  1. Points earned in the games played between the teams involved.
  2. Goal-average of the games played between the teams involved.
  3. Number of goals scored in the games played between the teams involved.
  4. Goal-average general.
  5. Number of goals scored in the general classification of the group
  6. Which team is younger

*If a tie occurs at some point between two teams, then it is considered to be “a tie between two teams” and should be broken according to the appropriate criteria.


Penalty shootouts will be used in accordance with FIFA rules. The teams will contest a penalty shootout, alternating one by one (5 penalties in the categories of Football-11 and 3 in the categories of Football-7). If they remain equal, the match will pass into sudden death overtime. The teams will contest alternating penalties until one scores and the other fails.

Only players who are on the field at the end of the match can participate in the shootout. Each penalty shall be executed by a different player. Only after each member of the team has shot a penalty can any player shoot a second penalty.


A goalkeeper who suffers an injury during the penalty shootout and is not able to continue playing may be replaced by a designated alternate.

Any eligible player may change position with the goalkeeper at any time during the penalty shootout.

If, a team has more players than their adversary at the end of the match and before beginning the penalty shootout, they should reduce their number of players to match that of their adversary and the person in charge of the team shall communicate to the field director and referee the name and number of each excluded player. Thus, excluded players will not be able to participate in the penalty shootout.

According to the rules, all available players for the penalty shootout should locate themselves in the central circle, with the exception of the two goalkeepers and the player kicking the penalty. The rest of the players and the managers must remain in their assigned areas.


The Competition Committee will be designated by the organizer of the MICFootball’20.

This committee will consist of four people, including two members of the organizing entity, a member of the Technical Committee of Referees and a member of the Catalan Football Federation (FCF).

The issues of protests and claims will be handled by the Competition Committee and their resolutions in writing cannot be appealed or changed.


If a team lines up a sanctioned player or does not meet the requirements set by the regulation, the team will lose the match in question by 3 to 0.

If a player commits a punishable action with a warning or expulsion (whether on or off the pitch), he will be penalized according to the nature of the event according to the referee’s report and under the penalty parameters detailed in the rules and regulations of the game.

The yellow card will be used to communicate a warning. The player who adds two cautions with a yellow card in the same match will be expelled from it without being able to participate in that match again.

The red card will be used to communicate an expulsion.

During the competition the use of the blue card will not be valid.


Expulsions, previously checked and reviewed by the Competition Committee, will not be penalized in the following cases:

  • Prevent a goal with a hand or spoil a goal-scoring opportunity (except in the case of the goalkeeper in his own penalty area)
  • Be expelled after a minor infraction for being the last player in an obvious scoring opportunity
  • Receive a second warning in the same match, this being of a minor nature and without subsequent repercussions.


Severe expulsions will be sanctioned by the Competition Committee and may result in the suspension of one or more matches, in the following cases:

  • Serious rough play
  • Spit on an opponent or any other person
  • Violent behavior
  • Use language and/or offensive, insulting or humiliating gestures
  • Aggressive and/or unsportsmanlike behavior
  • All the actions that the Competition Committee deems serious


All cases of serious expulsion will be reported to the national federation of the affected player’s country.

Unsportsmanlike conduct, regardless of whether it happens inside or outside the field, could mean the exclusion of a player or team from the competition.


All incidents and expulsions that may occur during the competition (on or off the field) will be reported to the Competition Committee.

The Competition Committee will be the only responsible for applying the corresponding disciplinary sanctions. At the end of each day the sanctions will be communicated to the affected teams

The sanctions imposed by the competition committee and its resolutions in writing cannot be appealed or changed.


If a match is abandoned for any incident and/or occurrence, the Competition Committee shall decide on the following factors, taking into account the reason for being abandoned.

  • The game starts again from the beginning.
  • The game continues from the minute it was abandoned.
  • The score of the game at the moment it was abandoned will be fixed as the final result.
  • One of the teams wins 3-0
  • The two teams lose the match (0-3).

The referees of the MIC belong to National and International Committees of Referees and will be appointed by the Territorial Committee of Catalonia. Their decisions are unappealable and in no case will be grounds for complaint.


The protests or claims must be submitted in writing to the Field Director or the Organization responsible together with the claim fee of € 60, which will be returned in case of favorable resolution.

These claims must be submitted no later than 30 minutes after the end of the match in question.

Claims will be accepted only if they are delivered by the delegate or responsible of the team .

Claims will not be accepted due to arbitration decisions.

Written resolutions of the organizing committee cannot be appealed or changed.


The delegates are responsible for their players in case of damage to the changing rooms, hotels, buses or other facilities. Teams must respect silence in the hotels between the hours of 23:00 and 8:00. Meal times established by the hotels must be respected. It is prohibited to travel in organization transport without a shirt. It is forbidden to bring into the rooms alcohol or other substances that are not allowed for children under the age of 18 years. Breach of any of these rules by any player, trainer or companion can be a reason for expulsion from the tournament.


All clubs/teams must have insurance for their players on and off the field of play. All participants must have a health card or a private insurance. AE MICFootball is not responsible for damage or harm to the participants, for loss of personal objects (through theft or other circumstances), nor for injuries. They are not responsible for the measures taken by the public authorities or transportation companies such as strikes, cancellations, etc. The clubs, at the time of registration, declares that their players are physically fit enough for participating in the event. The organization declines all responsibility for any damage that participants can cause during and after the competition, both to themselves and to others.


All participants are required to fill out the data protection form, have it signed by their legal representatives and deliver it to the organization before the tournament. Through this, give consent for the treatment of data. Participation in the event authorizes AE MICFootball to use any graphic reproduction of the participants during the tournament.

The players and/or clubs that do not present the authorization of image rights before the start of the competition, will not be able to participate in the MICFootball’19.


Any circumstance that has not been discussed in the regulations is the exclusive responsibility of the organization, with its decisions being final. AE MICFootball reserves the right to add, modify, interpret and apply the rules according to its criteria and the needs of each tournament, as well as to modify these rules for the benefit of the competition.

All modifications made to these rules will be communicated to the person responsible for the participating club/team.

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